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The Tale of the Wulks By V.K. Green


“The Tale of the Wulks is remarkable début novel filled with fascinating creatures, well-developed characters, along with an epic adventure that will in no doubt leave fans of epic fantasy breathless.”

The story follows Rilk Wulk, an autistic young man who lives high in the mountains of California among a magical tribe that help protect Mother Earth. When The Dark Lord Vanko threatens to dominate the Earth, Rilk, and his tribe must band together to try and defeat Vanko and his relentlessly powerful army of monsters that will stop at nothing to achieve the Dark Lords mission.

Green has the unique ability to draw the reader into the middle of the intense action scenes, death-defying battles and has built a world that is so vivid and engrossing that I found it difficult leave. If you are a fan of fantasy of superbly written prose, than I highly recommend this book.

My Ranking: 5 Stars

Book Review: Barry Goupe In the Midst of Lies By Sean P. McClure


16-year-old Barry Groupe is our main protagonist in this action packed young adult novel. He has just moved to a new town with his parents as they have just got new jobs as janitors at a thriving steel mill. Barry and his parents have an unfortunate life plagued by poverty, where each day is a battle to put food on the table and quite often they all have to go without. Shortly after his move Barry soon becomes the object of bullying from other students who want to humiliate him for being the poor little new boy in school. Barry hates his name, hates his new school and most of all hates that he is too meek to do anything about it to try to make the bullies stop and cannot understand why Evan Victor Edwards, the most popular and richest guy in school comes to his rescue and tries to befriend him by inviting him to hang out with his gang. Barry struggles to get his head around the motive behind Evans friendship and soon suspects there are more sinister motives as Evan is arrested along with his father for suspected computer hacking and selling classified information on to another country. In turn Barry feels compromised by the turn of events and questions his motives for helping Evan. Who is he to prove the Evans innocence? Why does he even care? But it doesn’t deter him from making his own enquiries all of which lead to a series of events where Barry must run from the law and put his own life in jeopardy to expose the shocking truth.

Sean P. McClure has created a genuine heroine with Barry Groupe. In the opening chapters the reader is introduced to a very shy and meek boy who tries to make some sense of the cruel world around him without any faith in God. As Barry grows spiritually while struggling through many trials and tribulations, it becomes clear that his faith grows much stronger towards the end of the story. Many readers will be able to relate to this young protagonist as many of his struggles and weaknesses are very similar to their own. I saw parallels in my life and childhood that I could draw on and relate to easily, it’s almost like you could feel all that Barry felt. All of which leads me to conclude that the author is a master worthy of his craft and I really look forward to reading more of his work and would definitely recommend this book to all YA fans and Christians.

Disclosure: I received this book free from the author in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

My Ranking: 5 Stars

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