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5 Star Review: To The Gallows The Legend of Cole Winters By G.S. Luckett

To the gallows is set in the 19th century in the untamed frontiers in Western American. Cole Winters is an African-American cowboy and also a U.S. Marshall. When Cole discovers his brother in law, Joseph Two Guns is a wanted man for a crime he swears he did not commit. Cole goes on a deadly mission to rescue Joseph from becoming another innocent victim of a lynch mob who wants to take the law in to their own hands and exercise their own type of rough justice. Cole manages to rescue Joseph in time from a one manned jail along with a woman called Jessie who is also being accused of a murder she did not commit before Fournier and his two Indian trackers catch up with them.

Fournier’s posse of five go in search for Joseph picking up more pawns on the way to help them with their search.

As the story unfolds Jessie discovers her sister, Kaye has been taken by Sheriff Brood and his men against her will. Cole and Joseph go on a rescue attempt to save Kaye and manage to rescue her from Sheriff Brood by winning a gamble where Joseph must fight to his death with Sheriff Brood’s best boxer.

Jesse discovers Coles secret, a deep secret he hasn’t shared with Joseph yet, that the men who are tracking Joseph down are hired by the same man who killed Coles wife and son and they will stop at nothing as Cole went on to kill the men who killed his family in revenge and he now has a bounty of 8,000 dollars resting on his head. Cole conducts a plan to get Joseph and the girls to safety by handing himself over to Fournier in the hope it will give them enough time to escape and this is when the real showdown begins with Fournier and his ever-growing new recruits who are thirsty for the bounty on both brothers’ heads. Will Fournier’s posse of thirty men succeed in their mission? Or have they underestimated the sheer force of the two brothers’ in all out shoot out?

G.S. Luckett manages to successfully combine a number of distinctive characteristics such as, a sense of time, place and setting in a time where law and order often caused conflict and unrest between the settlers and the Indians. The reader is taken on a breathtaking journey back to an unforgettable time in history. Not only this but this story is action-packed from the beginning to the end with an unpredictable number of twists and turns that sets the stage for more instalments in which I impatiently await.

My Ranking:
5 stars

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