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4 Star Review: The Simulations By John Forelli

This delightful, comical and highly entertaining story starts when the Ray Ality, the main male protagonist goes for a job interview. Ray has high expectations as he is fresh out of college with new ideas about statistical formatting and is excited at the prospect that he will get to use his advanced technical skills in a company that uses the latest software. However, he is soon informed that his duties will be beneath his abilities and accepts the job anyway as he feels it a fair price to pay to start his professional career.
A few days later Ray, greets the Delilah again, the friendly and extremely attractive receptionist and is introduced to the rest of the team he will be working with. He perceives these new co-workers as a strange bunch of people. First Ray is introduced to Tom, who works in Human Resources who tries to lower his starting salary and takes an instant dislike to him as Tom clearly states that Ray wasn’t his preferred choice for the position. Secondly, Ray is introduced to his new cubical partner, Jordan, who listens to classical music and drinks red wine. The rest of the team consists of a woman called Margie, who has a distinctive limp and airs her loud, profound and profane rants out daily on the telephone with her husband that Ray finds very disturbing as she is situated in the next cubical. There are several more strange and eccentric characters he can’t quite work out and ends up befriending Bob, who works in the server room number 42. Bobs sole wish seems to be chomping down on Cheetos, playing the Sims, while smoking weed and eating junk food. Ray finds Bob a welcomed distraction away from his repetitive and mundane tasks he has to perform on a daily basis. In an attempt to win Delilah’s heart over they start to rip data from Delilah’s social media accounts to get the metadata they need to put into her new file. The servers can hack in to all her private messages, email, text messages etc, so it will provide them with a perfect information avatar. Bob combines the source code for the Sims and Eclipse and uploads all of Delilah’s information and pictures to the program and uses it to create her Sim in order to run a number of simulations for Ray to try out. However, the simulations become repetitive as Ray becomes more and more absorbed with the oculus virtual reality headset and is unable to distinguish between two different realities.
Will Rays and Bob’s attempts win over Delilah, the receptionist’s heart? And if so, at what cost?
Highly recommended reading for virtual reality fans that have a sense of humour and enjoy a plot with plenty of twist and turns.
My Rating:
4 Stars

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