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“Matt Abraham has written a unique suspense thriller that’s filled with superheroes, super villains, murder and deceit and follows an unlikely hero who will do his best to save the day, no matter if it costs him his life!”

The story starts when Dane Curse (A former black cape, turned PI) is asked to help find and undercover the mysterious death of Gold Coast City’s protector and the world’s mightiest hero, Pinnacle. Dane is hired by a firm called, The Sindicate (black cape mafia) who offers ten million dollars to the first investigator who finds the killer. With the odds stacked against him and fierce competition from three of the top investigators, Dane must fight against the clock to bring the perpetrator, or perpetrators to justice in a game where the stakes are high and several corrupt organizations, who want to rule Gold Coast, as well as the white and black capes fighting each other across the planet to eliminate one another. But as the body count rises, and a number of red herrings cause Dane to become implicated and framed as a suspect, he must fight to save his salvation, as well as serve the justice that’s needed to save a city that’s on the brink of civil war. The biggest question is will Danes invulnerability and super strength be enough to conquer three most powerful people in the world?

Dane Curse is a wonderfully crafted story, with colorful characters, an action packed plot that’s loaded with many unpredictable twists-and-turns. I was pretty much hooked from the start and look forward to reading more books in this planned series. I expect an exciting epic to be awaiting this credible hero.

My Ranking: 5 Stars
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