Severed LimbLiving Captive
Is the long awaited sequel to “The Surgeon´s Son”
Victor Barnes, the notorious serial killer who targets teenage girls survives the horrific high speed police pursuit that forces his vehicle into the murky water of the River Trent.
Numerous rescue attempts are made to recover the body of Barnes, however after five weeks there becomes little hope left and the police dive squads are called off having already covered thirty two miles of the never-ending river.
Detective Inspector Marty Bride and his specialist team of detectives, forensic investigators, and psychological profilers are forced to leave the case open with so many questions un-answered until they can locate the doctor’s body, dead or alive?
Barnes is coerced to live underground while seeking out a brand new identity, with one thing on his mind – Vengeance, on each and every member of Marty’s team. He won’t stop until he unleashes his own band of torture! Unaware and unprepared that there’s an even bigger threat than Marty and his team on his trail…..
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REVIEW: And Then There Was You – By Suzy Turner

And Then There Was You

By Suzy Turner

Eve is happily married to Matt, or so she thinks despite having a one night stand with a handsome stranger called Adam while on one of her book tours.  Eve has never been unfaithful to Matt in all their years of marriage and struggles to come to terms with her infidelity and decides to keep it a well guarded secret.  Unaware her one unforgettable night of passion would go on to shape and change the course of her entire existence and that of her husband’s, in a way she never imagined or thought possible.

Three years later and Eve discovers in a state of perpetual panic that her new neighbour is Adam and to her surprise he is newly married to a fun-loving blonde named, Charlie, who is keen to strike up a close friendship with her and Matt.

Eve does all she can to avoid her new neighbours but Matt insists they both get to know the newly wedded couple as he discovers Charlie shares many of his hobbies and interests.  While Eve and Adam do all they can to conceal their attraction to one another for the sake of their marriages and resist the temptation to repeat their one night of passion all those years ago, something unexpected happens, a cruel twist of fate, and it’s not until the child is born that both Adam and Eve discover that Matt is the father and Charlie has been deceiving them all along.

Eves head is a mess and she goes and visits her parents on the Algarvean Coast for some time to figure out what she is going do with the rest of her life.  She feels betrayed and heartbroken that she put her marriage before her feelings for Adam when all the time her husband was deceiving her. Before she leaves for the sunny climates and the comfort of her childhood home, she accidentally befriends Adams first wife. Lisa, who tries to convince her that she and Adam are made for each other and pleads with her to return home sooner rather than later, or never.

After a few weeks of self-discovery Eve returns home to find out that Matt has put their house on the market and has moved in with Charlie. Distraught she turns to Adam for refuge and confesses her heartbreak about never being able to conceive children.  She loves Adam like no other man and wants a future with him however; another cruel twist of fate is just around the corner throwing their relationship in to turmoil once again. Lisa, Adams ex-wife falls ill with cancer and her last dying wish is to have her husband, children and new best friend Eve around her.  Eve does all she can to fulfil her best friends dying wishes even though she feels like a spare part who shouldn’t be there.  Adam suddenly confesses he still loves Lisa and starts to drink heavily and blank Eve.

The day of Lisa’s death, Eve leaves after fulfilling Lisa’s wishes and books a flight to Canada to find what’s left of her life again, convincing herself that she must forget all about Adam and focus on her career as a writer as she is never going to get the fairytale ending she wants, however she is mistaken as Adam travels the end of the earth to convince her that she is the one he wants to spend the rest of his life with.

I don’t usually read chick-lit or romance but this book engrossed me from the beginning to the end and had quite a hold on me all the way through.  It is cleverly written and a real asset to the S. Turner.  It is sexy, intelligent and very compelling and I would challenge anyone who loves a good work of fiction to put it down as I certainly couldn’t.  Don’t forget the box of tissues as there are some weepy scenes as well as many humorous ones.  Highly recommended, keep them coming.

My Rating:

5 Stars

Review: Survive The Day by By H.J. Lawson

Survive The Day

Survive The Day
By H.J. Lawson
This book is the second instalment in the War Kids Series and continues to follow the lives of several young people who were once trapped in the war in Syria who flee to America to start afresh. In this character driven story the reader is introduced to a number of new characters, all of which blend nicely in with the main Characters, Annabel, Jada and Ethan, who each have their own unique back story.

On Annabel’s journey to freedom and a better life she befriends another homeless guy by the name of Brandon, and confides in him about killing the tramp who tried to rape her. She also confesses that she is the key witness in the Big Red Trial and that she has escaped a witness protection program because the WBR kept finding her.

Jada is on a mission to find her father who is believed to be in a prison fifty miles away from Damascus, the lost city and that Gerard and Christian are working on plans to go there. However, along the way Jada reads a letter from her mother that is addressed to Gerard and discovers a shocking secret that will change the course of her mission.

Ethan is hell bent on avenging his father’s death with a deep hatred for Western culture.

After a year of transition in to their new lives in New York City, the City itself is soon caught up in a terrorist attack on Rikers Island, and they find themselves fleeing to escape one danger to enter yet another and soon realise that they would have been much safer in Syria, as the unknown threat continues to cause chaos and mass destruction, as people start to loot and die when one of many bridges explodes. Victoria dies as her head is crushed by a car. Jada and Annabel’s paths meet in the chaos and Jada warns Annabel and Brandon to get out of the city as fast as they can as this is only the beginning of the terrorist attacks and perhaps a decoy to an even bigger threat. Big red starts running after Annabel as he spots her with his gang in orange jump suits. The adrenaline fuelled scene when Big Red catches up with Annabel is breathtaking, yet terrifying and adds more tension and conflict to a unexpected, yet phenomenal ending.
I can honestly say I am hooked and can’t wait for the next instalment. H.J. Lawson is a genius story teller and her writing skills are exceptional beyond doubt.

My Rating:

5 stars