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My Review of Oblivion’s Forge By Simon Williams


Oblivion’s Forge
By Simon Williams

This is a dark, mysterious and gripping first instalment of the Aona Trilogy. The story begins when Vornen Starbrook, the main protagonist who is wounded and found by a mysterious lady named Ona and is slowly nursed back to health by the Chulan people. Vornen tries his best to remember what he saw when Ona questions him, as he recalls a number of ambiguous flashbacks, however all he can recollect is the opening and closing of gates and stars that were not of their world, he also heard voices that didn’t belong to any creature or any life-form that he could understand and then suddenly he remembers a name “Marandaal” to which the voices belong, “They are coming here, they want the world for their own!”
Meanwhile there is madness, terrifying visions and unexplainable disease spreading throughout the villages and an overall sense of hopelessness and doom threatening to destroy the villager’s existence.

S.Williams introduces the reader to a number of memorable characters all of which are conflicted with their own issues to a certain degree. The narrative is well written and captures the characters hope, fear and anticipation all at the same time, while provoking the reader to finish the first instalment and start the next one immediately.

S.Williams is a genius story teller and a master of depicting things of an un-natural nature. Oblivion’s Forge is unforgettable Speculative/Fantasy Fiction at its very best and deserves to be ranked at the top.

My Rank

5 stars

REVIEW: Patchwork People

Markus Book Reviews

patchp-jpg‘Patchwork People’ by D.B. Martin is book 2 in a series and Lawrence Juste, the darling of the courts, is back in action but is hounded by a series of blackmail notes that implicate him in murder. These notes come with threats to his life should he ignore the deadly overtures of his crafty adversary. This then spurs a chain of events that makes you question the integrity of Juste, and it just makes you all the more conflicted.

I must say that the author really knows how to weave an intricate plot full of suspense. A good mystery thriller always leaves clues behind in the most clever way possible and there’s plenty of that in this book. The intrigue will have you feel so involved in the story and all the secrecy and the scheming just add levels of uncertainty that adds to the suspense. It’s absolutely thrilling!

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