Catherine Rose Putsche Books

Catherine Rose Putsche is a British author and a native speaker who teaches English as a second language to young and adult learners in Austria. Originally from the North of England where she graduated in software engineering and had a successful career as a systems administrator before discovering her many other talents.
Her books include, Addicted to Greed & A Saved Soul. Her latest book The Surgeon´s Son released in March 2014 is now available worldwide. She is currently writing her fifth book which is a sequel to The Surgeon´s Son as it was very successful and features the same detective team.
Not so long ago she decided to take part of her income from the book sales to help and support numerous institutions that help sufferers from Alzheimer’s and Parkinson disease.

Another talent of C.R.P. is to read and review a wide variety of genres, her favourite genre to read is Psychological Thriller, Horror, Crime, Mystery and Detective and just recently, Young Adult and Sci-Fi.   She is registered with several popular book review sites and sometimes uses a pen name when reviewing.  Most of her reviews are free in exchange for a copy of the book at the author’s discretion.

If you would be interested in an honest and fair review of your published or finished manuscript prior to publication then contact:


Check out her blog page for reviews and links.

Catherine Putsche

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