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The Fall and Rise of Peter Stoller (Peter Stoller) By M. Pepper Langlinais


The Fall and Rise of Peter Stoller is a superbly crafted espionage thriller that is set in London in the 1970s where intelligence tricks such as, pseudonyms, dead letter-boxes, and secret passwords were used along with a great number of code breaking technologies.  The story follows main protagonist, Peter Stroller, who is a British Intelligence Officer and next in line to run the Agency – until he falls in love with a cab driver, Charles, and his life goes off the rails.

In summary, “The Fall and Rise of Peter Stoller” is an exceptionally well-written espionage thriller with a number of un-predictable twist and turns that will leave the reader turning those pages well in to the night to discover what happens to these wonderfully strong, well-developed and likable characters’

My Ranking 4.5 Stars

No Grey Areas: By Joseph N Gagliano


“No Grey Areas is compelling memoir of Joseph N. Gagliano who orchestrated one of the largest shaving scandals in sports history. Within the pages readers will get a backstage pass into Joe’s personal story of greed, the consequences and his harrowing ride to redemption.”

Before I read this book I had very little knowledge about the shaving scandal of 1994 and the sports gambling industry. Gagliano recounts and shares his story through a first-person narrative which is brutally honest and easy to follow, from the onset of the scandal to the devastating aftermath and how his life changed forever after it.

To be honest, I am not really a sports enthusiast but I was impressed by this book, it is well-written, compelling and an honest confession of a man who made some really poor choices when his fortune disappeared through “grey areas” of selfishness, greed, scandal and corruption.  Galliano’s unique and excruciating journey to atonement is inspirational and I would highly recommend it readers who enjoy memoirs about the sports industry.

Disclosure: I received this book free from The Cadence Group in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

My Ranking: 4.5 Stars

Dollar Signs: Texas Lady Lawyer vs Boots King: By Manning Wolfe


In Manning Wolfe’s debut novel a tough female business attorney, Merit Bridges goes after a corrupt organisation (Nixon Outdoor Advertising) and a notorious leasing agent (Boots King) who are threatening one of her clients in a property dispute.

The story starts with a bang as one of Merits client’s burns down a billboard in a neighbouring property dispute and unintentionally kills a homeless guy as the fire spreads, resulting in manslaughter.  Merit Bridges and her team fight against the clock to collect enough evidence against Nixon Outdoor Advertising, who sell billboards, but are hiding the legal clauses that will affect ownership.

Boots King, a hired gun is sent into stop Merit and her team in their tracks and won’t stop until his mission is completed, all of which results in a major legal battle that puts Merits life in severe danger.

If you are a fan of legal thrillers that feature a strong-willed and smart female heroine who fights for justice and the underdog, then I highly recommend you read this book.

My Ranking: 4.5 Stars


Nanodaemons: By George Saoulidis


“George Saoulidis Nanodaemons is a remarkably cultivated novel… his pacing is brisk, his scientific reckoning well-informed and plausible and his characterisation nothing short of outstanding.”

In the opening chapters the reader is introduced to a number of daemons who are trying to find their way around their Users newly fitted prosthetic arm after a construction accident.  The User is a likable hero called Leo, who loves dogs and is framed for murder.

Basically, without giving too much of the plot away the humorous daemons who fight among each other try to help Leo overcome the opposition.

Nanodaemons is a fast-paced, action-packed thriller that is loaded with laugh-out-loud cyber dialogue, along with an interesting tale of redemption and I would highly recommend it to all cyberpunk fans out there who have a good sense of humour.

My Ranking: 4.5 Stars

Losing Diana: By Jane Benham


“Losing Diana is a raw memoir and deeply moving account of one woman’s heartbreaking journey with her sister who is diagnosed with motor neurone disease and frontal lobe dementia.”

Benham shares her unique journey through a first person narrative during one of the most challenging transitions in her life, through moments of grief, despair, heartache, hope and loss.  Losing Diana is a deeply moving story of the strong bond between two sisters when one sister is diagnosed with an incurable disease.  I am deeply moved by the author’s raw, authentic and riveting voice as it made me cry and think about my mortality.

My Ranking: 4.5 Stars

The Victim: By Eric Matheny


“Matheny has the unique ability to walk the reader through the rigorous steps of a criminal case from the initial arrest through to the trial process in his tense psychological legal thriller, The Victim.”

The story opens eleven years earlier as a young and reckless Anton Mackey makes a life changing decision to get behind the wheel of a car after consuming a large amount of whiskey. Instead of doing the right thing and reporting his horrifying crime to the authorities, he decides to destroy the evidence and walk away, unaware that his mistake will come back to haunt ten years later when he takes on a complex case that is tied up to his past.

The Victim is a gritty standalone legal thriller featuring well-developed characters, intricate and melodramatic plot lines that I found absolutely riveting from start to finish.

Disclosure: I received this book free from the author in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.


My Ranking: 4.5 Stars


Book Review: S.Y.P.H.E.N. By Cortez Law III


“S.Y.P.H.E.N. is a tense military thriller that follows Lincoln Boddies and his Delta Force Operatives on a deadly mission to try and stop terrorists using a weapon of mass destruction. When Lincoln and his team are ready to close in, they encounter a bigger enemy that has the potential to destroy them all.”

The story opens when Lincoln and his crew are enjoying some leisure time in Sin City. Lincoln spots a woman in a casino and has a hunch that she maybe one of the most dangerous terror suspects in the world (A Jihad Jane). With the help from the Unit, Lincoln and their surveillance tactics lead them both to old and new Islamic enemies that are planning on using weapons of mass destruction to destroy America. Just as Lincoln and his team are about to close in on the enemies they encounter a bigger threat, the S.Y.P.H.E.N. that’s hell bent on destroying them all. Lincoln and his men are forced to work alongside the terrorists to try and eliminate the imminent threat that could potentially destroy civilization.

Law III successfully manages to build influential narratives with well-developed characters from the beginning to the end, along with an unpredictable number of twists and turns that sets the stage for more instalments in which I impatiently await.

My Ranking: 4.5 Stars

The Camellia Resistance: By A.R. Williams



The Camellia Resistance is set in a dystopian future where the USA has become an eroding wasteland after a major pandemic broke out (Herpes) and killed off a large proportion of the population. The Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Security are the new government and now rule the smaller population, with the exception of Texas, that remains independent. Willow Carlyle, works for the Ministry and is fast becoming a rising star, as she has spent the majority of her adulthood tracking the spread of sexually transmitted viruses and their impact on the population, until a night of passion with a handsome stranger changes the outcome of her future. Willow is diagnosed with Herpes and is instantly dismissed from the Ministry and struggles to make sense of her undoing until an unexpected encounter with a member from a resistance group, The Camellias (who live outside the Ministry and its strict approved health regulations) expose Willow to an alternative way of life she had no idea existed. Along the way Willow discovers her real identity and a secret that will shake the Ministry to its very foundation.

Williams introduces the reader to some memorable characters, all of which are conflicted with their own issues to a certain degree. The narrative is well written and captures the characters hope, fear and anticipation all at the same time, while provoking the reader to finish the first instalment and start the next one immediately. I look forward to the second instalment.

My Ranking: 4.5 Stars

The Books of Babel Book 1: Senlin Ascends By Josiah Bancroft


Thomas Senlin and his new bride, Marya, set off on a honeymoon to the tower of Babel. Senlin had saved and planned for this journey his entire career as a headmaster, drawn to the tower through the promises of an infamous guidebook. Climbing the tower of Babel would be his greatest ambition. However, when Marya suddenly goes missing it triggers of a number of unlikely events where Senlin’s world turns into turmoil. His quest to find his wife begins by searching the many streets, tents and restaurants, where he meets several men who may be able to help him, only to find out these people are not as honest as they seem and he must make the journey alone. After several days of searching for Marya, he must start from the bottom of the tower and work his way up. He meets many friends and enemies along the way in a new world where the rules are different and he must survive a number of fatalities to survive.

I found the writing to be beautifully crafted with many remarkable, imaginative and breathtaking scenes. Bancroft combines a gripping story with strong characterizations while maintaining an adventurous plot with outlandishly secondary characters ‘and a mild-mannered hero who is forced to step up his game. I look forward to the second instalment.
My Ranking: 4.5 Stars

Rarity from the Hollow By Robert Eggleton


Rarity from the Hollow
By Robert Eggleton

“Rarity from the Hollow is a harsh, yet alluring sci-fi tale of a young girl’s journey to fix her dysfunctional family and save the Universe, in a world that profits from human exploitation.”

Lacy Dawn, the main protagonist is an eleven year old girl living in poverty with her abusive father and depressed mother in the Appalachian Mountains. Lacy has an entire wood full of tree friends, a dead best friend, and an android boyfriend called, DotCom, who has a spaceship hidden in a mountain. Lacy desperately wants to fix her family and insists that DotCom must help her by plugging her parents unknowingly into a computer that she hopes will fix them. DotCom agrees on the condition that Lacy Dawn must save the Universe in exchange for the designation of Earth as a planet. Lacy agrees, unaware at first that it’s her destiny and that her personal evolution has been monitored for generations for the sole purpose on when she will be ready to sign the contract.

Eggleton successfully combines and exposes a number of disturbing issues such as child abuse, puberty, human misery and poverty from the mind of young heroine that is yearning to escape the horrors of her everyday life. Rarity from the Hollow is detailed, dark and beautifully written by a competent writer who injects plenty of satire, sci-fi and fantasy elements into a work of thought-provoking and meaningful adult/fantasy fiction at its very best.

Disclosure: I received this book free from the author in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.
My Ranking: 4.5 Stars

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