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5 Star Review: GENIUS INTELLIGENCE: Secret Techniques and Technologies to Increase IQ THE UNDERGROUND KNOWLEDGE SERIES By James & Lance Morcan

The authors´ most crucial discovery is that, “Human intelligence is not necessary something you were born with or genetically predisposed towards. In fact in most instances of above-the-ordinary intelligences are usually acquired through superior learning techniques!”

Genius Intelligence is a thoroughly interesting and thought-provoking guide on practical methods, techniques, accelerated learning methods and the use of chemicals that are used to help improve IQ. The authors´ explore a great number of superior cognitive techniques of brain enhancing technologies such as, genius techniques used by the élite, outrunning the conscious mind, the high IQ diet along with many more useful modus operandi methods that are not often disclosed to the public. The authors´ challenge the old age myth that geniuses are born and not developed. They don’t dismiss that there are a minority of humans that are born with these amazing possibilities that are not fostered by educational methods, but their research has revealed that these naturally born geniuses are the exception, not the norm.

Until now, I wasn’t aware of the substance called “Ormus” aka “White Gold” that was discovered by David Hudson, a cotton farmer and wealthy businessman in 1975. Hudson discovered that when he put the unusual looking white powder out to dry in the hot Arizona sun, it radically changed – from powder to oil! Hudson went on to conduct scientific analysis of the substance and confirmed that the substance seemed to have odd properties that defy the laws of nature. Hudson also claimed that the substance can repair the body on a genetic level and Lt. Lawrence F. Frego who wrote about Ormus´ positive impact on human intelligence in his book “An End To All Diseases” agrees with this theory. With many commercial manufacturers’ websites testimonials from their customers who claim it cures a lot of serious illnesses, including mental disorders, diabetes, heart disease and various anti-aging results have also been reported, it’s no wonder a number of celebrities are enthusiastic for this drug and I along with many others will look forward to mainstream studies in the near future.

I would like to personally thank and congratulate the authors´ for producing such an informative, well researched, stimulating and exciting book that will inspire and educate many people who are looking to enhance their journey and improve their mental and physical health.

My Ranking:
5 Stars

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