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I am Dreadfully Sorry!!!


Dear authors, publicists and readers,

I am afraid I have some very bad news regarding my reading list and review requests in 2016.  I am unable to commit to my arranged deadlines as I have a few major setbacks with my health.

I do hope in the future that I can return and honour my commitments regarding your work.


Catherine Rose Putsche


A Deeply Touching Anthology: Pieces Like Pottery: Stories of Loss and Redemption: By Dan Buri


“Pieces Like Pottery, is a collection of heartfelt and enlightening short stories that deal with themes such as, loss, anguish, forgiveness and atonement.”

This anthology of short stories written by Dan Buri is a compilation of the diverse experiences that people experience in their daily lives. Each of these nine stories tug at the heart, the writing is insightful and provocative. The first and perhaps the hardest hitting story for me as a reader involves a couple that thought their marriage could withstand anything life threw at them, until their only child dies and it shatters both their worlds as they slowly drift apart. This story, like all the others is well-written and filled with experiences like my own and I could connect with the characters immediately. The other stories explore a number of themes, such as a single parent becoming widowed because of the weight of nature, one man’s insecurities and low self-esteem change his outlook on life and one young man’s need to find a place where he belongs as he struggles with his sexuality.

Although short stories are not something I read very often as the depth and dimension to the characters are sometimes lacking. I can honestly say I was pleasantly surprised with Buri´s fascinating group of characters, all of which handle grief and loss in their own different ways. I would highly recommend this anthology to readers who appreciate emotional and thought-provoking literature.

My Ranking: 5 Stars

Leech: By Robb Neumann


“Leech is a macabre, thought-provoking and beautifully frightening tale that pulls you in and takes you far away from what you know and subliminally sweeps you along challenging your sub-conscious with its towering span of incredible storytelling.”

The story is narrated by a male protagonist who is plagued by insomnia and is looking for someone to share his lonely existence with. He meets Lillian in a drug store and they soon become friends, while sharing a strange intimacy together that seems to suit them both for a short time until Lillian changes the relationship dynamics with an offer, then a threat. He soon becomes what Lillian is, as she gives him mortality. He sacrifices his humanity to be with her, even when he doesn’t really understand what his life will be like with her. The transition to love, to distrust, from admiration to hate takes him on a journey across the Atlantic to South Eastern Europe where he fights a battle between absolution and vengeance as he wants to stop Lillian from hurting anyone else when she shows him a truth that creates even more questions and concerns to the value he places on human life.

There are so many words I could use to describe this book as I met a mixture of emotions while reading it. Mysterious and unsettling are just a few words that come to mind. Original, atmospheric and brilliant are understatements. Yet, these are the only words I can use to describe this well-written novel of darkness and beauty.

My Ranking: 5 Stars

5 Star Review: The Pool Boy’s Beatitude By DJ Swykert

Jack Joseph is the main protagonist who is a functioning alcoholic, womanizer, weed smoker, physics philosopher and swimming pool cleaner that holds a master’s degree in particle physics. His marriage is in turmoil due to his heavy drinking and broken promises to his wife who eventually kicks him out. Jack has a lot of emotional and financial worries going on in his life that he needs to clean up, but just like his physics states, everything is in a state of flux, decomposition and failure and he finds it hard to get motivated and address these issues until he meets Sarah…

After meeting Sarah, Jack begins to self medicate and runs down his own detox program and discovers love for the first time in his life beyond himself. He uses a mix of Xanax and Valium to wean himself off the alcohol. However, with his ex-wife filing for a divorce and his other girlfriend Rosemary, he finds himself caught up in a web of deceit he struggles to break free from. Jack makes a commitment to Sarah but still has an obligation to Rosemary who bailed his sorry arse out of jail and gave him cash and drugs with the possibility of a new home as she has friends in real estate.

With Rosemary, Jack crosses the threshold in to Rosemary’s abyss away from everything he said he wouldn’t step away from love, Sarah, an honest relationship, breaking free from his drug orbit and unhooking himself from his habits. No longer Rosemary’s pool boy and casual lover, he soon becomes her servant as she is his lifeline to drugs and Rosemary eventually becomes his benevolent, malevolent and benefactor.

Will Jack come clean to Sarah, who is his lifeline to his spirit and soul? Or will he revert back to his old habits? Or will he succeed for a change?

DJ Swykert successfully manages to create a great first person narrative that sucks the reader into Jacks world to such a degree it seems effortless which leads me to conclude that DJ Swykert is a master of an incredibly complex art that is conspicuously challenging to any author.

My Ranking: 5 Stars

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5 Star Review: GENIUS INTELLIGENCE: Secret Techniques and Technologies to Increase IQ THE UNDERGROUND KNOWLEDGE SERIES By James & Lance Morcan

The authors´ most crucial discovery is that, “Human intelligence is not necessary something you were born with or genetically predisposed towards. In fact in most instances of above-the-ordinary intelligences are usually acquired through superior learning techniques!”

Genius Intelligence is a thoroughly interesting and thought-provoking guide on practical methods, techniques, accelerated learning methods and the use of chemicals that are used to help improve IQ. The authors´ explore a great number of superior cognitive techniques of brain enhancing technologies such as, genius techniques used by the élite, outrunning the conscious mind, the high IQ diet along with many more useful modus operandi methods that are not often disclosed to the public. The authors´ challenge the old age myth that geniuses are born and not developed. They don’t dismiss that there are a minority of humans that are born with these amazing possibilities that are not fostered by educational methods, but their research has revealed that these naturally born geniuses are the exception, not the norm.

Until now, I wasn’t aware of the substance called “Ormus” aka “White Gold” that was discovered by David Hudson, a cotton farmer and wealthy businessman in 1975. Hudson discovered that when he put the unusual looking white powder out to dry in the hot Arizona sun, it radically changed – from powder to oil! Hudson went on to conduct scientific analysis of the substance and confirmed that the substance seemed to have odd properties that defy the laws of nature. Hudson also claimed that the substance can repair the body on a genetic level and Lt. Lawrence F. Frego who wrote about Ormus´ positive impact on human intelligence in his book “An End To All Diseases” agrees with this theory. With many commercial manufacturers’ websites testimonials from their customers who claim it cures a lot of serious illnesses, including mental disorders, diabetes, heart disease and various anti-aging results have also been reported, it’s no wonder a number of celebrities are enthusiastic for this drug and I along with many others will look forward to mainstream studies in the near future.

I would like to personally thank and congratulate the authors´ for producing such an informative, well researched, stimulating and exciting book that will inspire and educate many people who are looking to enhance their journey and improve their mental and physical health.

My Ranking:
5 Stars

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4 Star Review: The Simulations By John Forelli

This delightful, comical and highly entertaining story starts when the Ray Ality, the main male protagonist goes for a job interview. Ray has high expectations as he is fresh out of college with new ideas about statistical formatting and is excited at the prospect that he will get to use his advanced technical skills in a company that uses the latest software. However, he is soon informed that his duties will be beneath his abilities and accepts the job anyway as he feels it a fair price to pay to start his professional career.
A few days later Ray, greets the Delilah again, the friendly and extremely attractive receptionist and is introduced to the rest of the team he will be working with. He perceives these new co-workers as a strange bunch of people. First Ray is introduced to Tom, who works in Human Resources who tries to lower his starting salary and takes an instant dislike to him as Tom clearly states that Ray wasn’t his preferred choice for the position. Secondly, Ray is introduced to his new cubical partner, Jordan, who listens to classical music and drinks red wine. The rest of the team consists of a woman called Margie, who has a distinctive limp and airs her loud, profound and profane rants out daily on the telephone with her husband that Ray finds very disturbing as she is situated in the next cubical. There are several more strange and eccentric characters he can’t quite work out and ends up befriending Bob, who works in the server room number 42. Bobs sole wish seems to be chomping down on Cheetos, playing the Sims, while smoking weed and eating junk food. Ray finds Bob a welcomed distraction away from his repetitive and mundane tasks he has to perform on a daily basis. In an attempt to win Delilah’s heart over they start to rip data from Delilah’s social media accounts to get the metadata they need to put into her new file. The servers can hack in to all her private messages, email, text messages etc, so it will provide them with a perfect information avatar. Bob combines the source code for the Sims and Eclipse and uploads all of Delilah’s information and pictures to the program and uses it to create her Sim in order to run a number of simulations for Ray to try out. However, the simulations become repetitive as Ray becomes more and more absorbed with the oculus virtual reality headset and is unable to distinguish between two different realities.
Will Rays and Bob’s attempts win over Delilah, the receptionist’s heart? And if so, at what cost?
Highly recommended reading for virtual reality fans that have a sense of humour and enjoy a plot with plenty of twist and turns.
My Rating:
4 Stars

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Highly Recommended for Lovers of a Superior Horror Yarn! “Sterling Gate Books – 5 Star Reviews!”

Gracie Peterson

Not for the faint-hearted, The Surgeon’s Son is an aptly-named horror yarn guaranteed to keep you turning pages well into the night.

After four young ladies mysteriously vanish and one is found alive with gruesome wounds, it’s obvious a serial killer’s on the loose. Enter Detective Inspector Marty Bride and team who embark on a thrilling manhunt as they chase their target, a real nutcase who delights in leaving tantalizing clues as to his identity.

The storyline and accompanying tension build beautifully, aided in no small way by crisp narrative and clever dialogue. Highly recommended for lovers of the genre!