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The Camellia Resistance: By A.R. Williams



The Camellia Resistance is set in a dystopian future where the USA has become an eroding wasteland after a major pandemic broke out (Herpes) and killed off a large proportion of the population. The Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Security are the new government and now rule the smaller population, with the exception of Texas, that remains independent. Willow Carlyle, works for the Ministry and is fast becoming a rising star, as she has spent the majority of her adulthood tracking the spread of sexually transmitted viruses and their impact on the population, until a night of passion with a handsome stranger changes the outcome of her future. Willow is diagnosed with Herpes and is instantly dismissed from the Ministry and struggles to make sense of her undoing until an unexpected encounter with a member from a resistance group, The Camellias (who live outside the Ministry and its strict approved health regulations) expose Willow to an alternative way of life she had no idea existed. Along the way Willow discovers her real identity and a secret that will shake the Ministry to its very foundation.

Williams introduces the reader to some memorable characters, all of which are conflicted with their own issues to a certain degree. The narrative is well written and captures the characters hope, fear and anticipation all at the same time, while provoking the reader to finish the first instalment and start the next one immediately. I look forward to the second instalment.

My Ranking: 4.5 Stars

5 Star Review: Exit Eleonora By Richard R. Allen

The story is set in the post apocalypse year of 2047 where the human population has been reduced to just 450 million after a global pandemic. Humans now share the earth with aliens who offer their advanced technology to save and restore the dying planet of earth in exchange for its mass oil supply.
Charles Mincher is the main male protagonist who works as a travelling journalist for Rosenthal Free Press (The world’s biggest news agency) and his job is to observe, assess and report back his findings on the dark and oppressive alien landscape where the process of evolution and human history will shortly be re-written for the sake of a resource. The earth is divided into two different groups, city and country folk and the only thing these groups have in common are to survive the massive reforestation that result in mass cities and towns been demolished to make way for re-planting. As Charles delves deeper in to this new evolutionary, fascinating and strangely dark world he soon questions his own place here on earth when he meets Lucy Lang and falls in love and is forced to choose between living on Earth, or a fantastic opportunity to cohabit and live peacefully with the “Agaveils” who live over a hundred light-years away.
Richard R. Allen story of a world that humans must share with aliens is a perfectly realised apocalyptic tale that expertly depicts a world ravished by disease, at the brink of mass destruction and extinction. It’s superbly written and has a massive number of thought-provoking possibilities that will leave many readers short of breath.
Disclosure: I received this book free from the author in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.
My Ranking: 5 Stars
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