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Music Review: VEGA – Stereo Messiah

12077070_10153226244041589_1471678254_nBand Members: Nick Workman (Vocals), Tom Martin (Bass), Daniel Chantrey (Drums), James Martin (Keyboard),Marcus Thurston (Guitar)

“Vega hone their ample strengths on a third album that offers listeners the perfect blend of melodic rock, with sing-along-choruses, thumping tracks and unforgettable songs!” Catherine Rose Putsche – Author of ´The Surgeon’s Son´

Genre: Melodic Rock
Label: Frontiers Records

Band Info:


Track Listing:
1. Stereo Messiah81MwkE0-TdL._SL1465_
2. All Or Nothing
3. Wherever We Are
4. Ballad of the Broken Hearts
5. Gonna Need Some Love Tonight
6. The Fall
7. Neon Heart
8. With Both Hands
9. 10x Bigger Than Love
10. My Anarchy
11. The Wild The Weird The Wonderful
12. Tears Never Dry

This is an incredible accomplished third album for British Rock band, Vega, who originally formed in the summer of 2009. With an excellent début album, ”Kiss of Life in 2010 and “What the Hell” in 2013 these guys have something VERY special with “Stereo Messiah” that features a blistering set of songs that doesn’t have one duff track among them. These 12 tracks all have something utterly unique about them, stuffed melodic rock with ´80´s influences and powerful euphonies that linger in the mind and beg to be heard again and again. Track one, “Stereo Messiah” is a terrific opener and sets the platform for the rest of the tracks that follow. It’s a triumph of a third album and British talent at its best. My advice, buy this album, you won’t be disappointed.

My Ranking: 5 Stars