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A Classical Fairytale Shaped into A Modern Day Narrative.


By Stacy Juba

“Fooling Around With Cinderella is a wonderful and exciting start to what promises to be the first in the Storybook Valley series.”

The story follows Jaine Andersen, an overworked, loyal and yet undervalued heroine, who is taken advantage by her sisters. Jaine is in desperate need of a change as she has been laid off from her job in a medical centre and applies for a marketing role at the local amusement park where she used to visit as a girl. Jaine manages to convince the general manager, Dylan Callahan, with her great ideas for the amusement park and Dylan offers Jaine a marketing position in November, when the park closes for the season, but in the meantime he manages to charm her into filling Cinderella’s glass slippers for the summer.

I admire the way Juba takes on a classical fairytale and shapes it to a modern-day narrative. Overall the story and its charm are still in tack, it is just wrapped differently.

My Ranking: 4 Stars