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A Sneak Preview to “Living Captive” The sequel to the “Surgeon’s son” COMING SOON! 2015

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Living Captive
Is the long awaited sequel to “The Surgeon´s Son”
Victor Barnes, the notorious serial killer who targets teenage girls survives the horrific high speed police pursuit that forces his vehicle into the murky water of the River Trent.
Numerous rescue attempts are made to recover the body of Barnes, however after five weeks there becomes little hope left and the police dive squads are called off having already covered thirty two miles of the never-ending river.
Detective Inspector Marty Bride and his specialist team of detectives, forensic investigators, and psychological profilers are forced to leave the case open with so many questions un-answered until they can locate the doctor’s body, dead or alive?
Barnes is coerced to live underground while seeking out a brand new identity, with one thing on his mind – Vengeance, on each and every member of Marty’s team. He won’t stop until he unleashes his own band of torture! Unaware and unprepared that there’s an even bigger threat than Marty and his team on his trail…..


A taunt, well-written race against the clock thriller that is impossible to put down!

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Strange Perceptions
By Anthony Avina

Strange Perceptions opens masterfully with the introduction of Lily Roberts – the novel’s protagonist – as she is celebrating her 24th birthday with her best friend Wesley in a Los Angeles restaurant. Half an hour later as they both leave the restaurant they spot a strikingly handsome man. The handsome stranger smiles at Lily and nods as he walks past her. Lily allows herself one last look before she turns around and collides with a scary looking living giant, unaware that all their paths will meet again in a matter of hours. Lily is about to suffer a terrifying ordeal at the hands of a brutal serial-killer who will stop at nothing to add her to his collection of victims. In her fight for survival Lily is about to learn a valuable lesson that will teach her never to stereotype anyone by their looks ever again, that’s providing she manages to stay alive long enough to tell her tale.

I managed to devour all the 85 pages in just one sitting and enjoyed every minute of it. Anthony Avina skilfully blends elements of horror, suspense and mystery while keeping the story running at a fast pace as the unfolding situation slowly materializes – it’s taunt, well-written race against the clock thriller that is impossible to put down.

My Ranking: 5 Stars

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Highly Recommended for Lovers of a Superior Horror Yarn! “Sterling Gate Books – 5 Star Reviews!”

Gracie Peterson


Not for the faint-hearted, The Surgeon’s Son is an aptly-named horror yarn guaranteed to keep you turning pages well into the night.

After four young ladies mysteriously vanish and one is found alive with gruesome wounds, it’s obvious a serial killer’s on the loose. Enter Detective Inspector Marty Bride and team who embark on a thrilling manhunt as they chase their target, a real nutcase who delights in leaving tantalizing clues as to his identity.

The storyline and accompanying tension build beautifully, aided in no small way by crisp narrative and clever dialogue. Highly recommended for lovers of the genre!