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PALE HIGHWAY: By Nicholas Conley



“Pale Highway is an ambitious, heartbreaking and out of this world Sci-Fi story of one man’s struggle to save humanity, while working against the clock to save his own mental degradation!” Catherine Rose Putsche Book Blog

Gabriel Schist, a rugged genius, who in his younger years developed the vaccine for AIDS is now spending his remaining years in a nursing home with few memories that Alzheimer’s have stole from him. However, when one of the residents comes down with a gruesome virus that nobody seems to want to find a cure for, only cover it up, Gabriel, tries to convince the heads of the nursing home that he is the only man who can find a vaccine/antidote to destroy the virus, unaware and unprepared that the virus may not be what it seems to be and that the threat to destroy humanity may soon become a reality if Gabriel cannot find a solution in time before his own mental and physical deterioration take place.

It is not often that my own words escape me as I try to recount the beauty, the true understanding of such a devoted man who struggles to hold off his own real-life manifestations to save everyone around him. Conley, has created a memorable, life-like and loveable protagonist who will stay with me for a long time and I have no doubt that this story will have an impact and raise awareness to each and every reader out there who has lost, or is losing someone in their lives’ to this despicable disease, as I and so many others have.

My Ranking: 5 Stars