Calhoun: Sacrifice By Joe Mansour


“Calhoun: Sacrifice is a taut, fast-paced action thriller that marks the beginning of a promising mystery series, and is proof that a flawed protagonist can still earn sympathy.”

The story follows main protagonist, James Calhoun, who was once a solider until an IED attack tears his life apart. He is now divorced and down on his luck, as he has to rely on disability benefits to get by and attend anger management classes to calm his ferocious temper and bitterness. His only real solace is the weekly visit to his daughter who he treasures with all his heart.

The story opens with a brutal murder and a disturbing phone call from James ex-wife who informs him that her husband has been killed and their daughter’s life is now in the hands of a religious cult who want to use her as a sacrifice to resurrect a Dark God, unless James can find the cult a replacement girl in just three days time. Faced with a number of deep and disturbing moral questions, James in forced from one deadly situation to the next, almost simultaneously and finds himself caught up in an unrelenting game of life and death.

One or two words I would use to describe this book are, mysterious and unsettling. Mansour manages to build influential narratives with a number of well-developed characters ‘along with a relentlessly chilling plot.

My Ranking: 4 Stars


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