Book Review: The Stink By C.C Hogan


This novel successfully captures the magic of being young and going out and feeling like anything is possible. Hogan successfully transports readers back to the seventies where a group of 16 year olds are trying to form a band against a backdrop of unpredictable social values.

This story follows main protagonist, Smell and a group of friends who have just completed their O-Levels and are on a mission to score a gig for their neophyte band. Little do they know that their quest will land them in trouble with a notorious group of tramps who will stop at nothing to terminate them all? Against the odds Smell and his friends are also up against racism, homophobia and anti-Semitism in an era of upheaval and they must rely not only on the power of hope and determination, they must believe in themselves to rise up to the adversity surrounding them.

Having lived in London for a long time as a teen, I can tell you that Hogan has nailed the setting to perfection as he makes the place a real and integral part of the story, as the setting is woven into the story in much the same way it was once woven into my life and creates a nostalgic atmosphere in which I would like to return. Seriously, if you weren’t a teenager then, by the time you read this story you will wish you had been there.

My Ranking: 5 Stars


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