Almost Invincible: By Suzanne Burdon



“Provocative and profound, with brilliant characterisation, Suzanne Burdon’s dazzling novel, ´Almost Invincible´ skilfully blends fact and fiction into a realistic portrayal of some of the mysteries and day-to-day events surrounding Mary Shelly’s life!” Catherine Rose Putsche

Almost Invincible is a fictional telling of Mary Shelly’s life based on true events. The story opens on a stormy and turbulent night in the summer of 1816 at Lord Bryon’s villa in Lake Geneva. Lord Byron challenges all his guests, Shelley, Claire Clairmont, Mary and Dr. Polidori to write ghost stories and this is where Mary produces a terrifying story that will later become, Frankenstein, eventually assuring Mary a permanent place in literary history. The story then goes on to document Mary’s ignominious love affair with Percy Bysshe Shelley, who is married with children at the time of their elopement and follows the couple around England, Switzerland, France and Italy, where they experience a number of traumas such as being ostracised due to their controversial life choices, financial worries and the death of their children, and Mary’s manipulative step-sister, who drives Mary to despair on many occasions.

Burdon has crafted a beautiful story full of adventure, strength and survival of a real-life heroine who despite suffering with misfortune in her life is one of the most influential female geniuses of her time.

My Ranking: 5 Stars

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