Book Review: Into the Americas (A novel based on a true story) By Lance & James Morcan


“Father-and-son Lance & James Morcan have created a rich, immersive and informative story of two men’s courageous voyage and capture in the Pacific Northwest during the early 19th century. Startling, assertive and intense, it’s perhaps one of the most captivating true-life survival tales of all time!”

In the opening chapter the reader is introduced to the main protagonist, John Jewitt, an apprentice blacksmith, who dreams of travelling abroad on one of the great brigs that dock in Kingston upon Hull. John’s dreams soon come true when Captain Salter of the Boston witnesses John’s smithy skills first hand and sees an opportunity for John to work in the ships armoury. Unknown to John a life of enslavement and captivity awaits him along with another crew member (Thompson) by the fierce Mowachaht tribe in the Pacific Northwest. John and Thompson are taken captive by Maquina (Chief of the Mowachahts) as the Mowachaht tribe kill all the crew members of the Boston. John witnesses the decapitated heads of 25 of his crew mates lined up and wonders if he and Thompson will end up dying in the same fashion, until he learns the only reason Maquina keeps them both alive is that their trademark working skills are considered most valuable to the tribes future trading. John learns the Mowachahts are fierce warriors capable of the most barbaric forms of savagery, yet on the other hand they are proud noble people that can be capable of great kindness. Maquina soon forces John to marry a beautiful maiden (Eu-Stochee) who in turn tries to bind John to her savaged land forever, but John soon fears that he will never see a civilized country again and thoughts of escape are still ripe on his and Thompsons mind even after several barbaric beatings and escape attempts backfire.

Will John and Thompson ever find a way out to freedom? And if so, at what cost? Or will they perish in their desperate attempts, as the odds are greatly stacked against them?

My Ranking: 5 Stars


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