The Eaton By John K. Addis


“Reading John K. Addis was like reading an eighties horror movie. It’s fast paced, macabre and full of gritty atmospheric settings, along with a relentlessly chilling plot from an author who’s mastered the genre!”

The story begins when Sam Spicer, the main protagonist, becomes the legal owner of the long-abandoned Michigan Central Railway Station in Eaton Rapids, with big dreams of turning it into a hot new martini bar. However, Sam’s plans come to a sudden halt when he and his friends discover a secret twelve-floor Victorian hotel that’s situated directly underneath the station. In their curious attempts to explore the hotel, they soon discover that it is free from dust and that the old Victorian elevator is fully functional. Upon further inspection, they soon realise that there were once guests over a century ago that showed signs of leaving in frenzied panic. After further unusual, mysterious and gruesome discoveries they decide to go in search for answers to find out what happened to the original guests and why the hotel became abandoned, only to discover that they are all being pursued by a creäture with incredible powers, who could trick them, make them see things from their deepest memories to try and prevent them from escaping his abandoned underground world.

The story does shift back in time to Jonathon Wesley, an Archaeologist who gets an exclusive invite to the grand opening of The Eaton, in exchange for his examination and opinion of the owner’s underground discovery. Jonathon in turn goes on to study and document the petroglyphs with caution as some unforeseen and incredible events soon unfold, that he is convinced are connected to the petroglyphs that he feels depict a tangible threat. Jonathon’s unique back story alone equips the reader with most of the knowledge and clues that Sam and his friends need to escape the relentless beast of another world that has clearly massacred dozens of people before them. The biggest question is will Sam and his friends be able to find the answers from the past before it’s too late, and if so will it help them in conquering the beast? Or will their attempts fail and lead to their own demise?

What a fantastic book. It’s not often I find myself so absorbed in a book that grabs my attention from the onset up until the last page. I literally couldn’t put it down in fear I would miss something about these wonderfully, yet flawed characters’ that may help them in their impossible mission to discover the truth. Congratulations’ Mr John K. Addis you have just gained a life-long fan. I look forward to reading more of your work in the future.

My Ranking: 5 Stars

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