Book Review: The Cage Legacy By Nicholas Conley


17-year-old Ethan Cage is the main protagonist in this incredibly well constructed thriller. He was just 10 years old when his life changed forever after discovering his charming father, known as “The Mutilator” is found guilty of 18 unknown homicides in his hometown of Aton City, Marine. Not long after his father’s arrest Ethan discovers his dad’s journal in a special compartment in his dad’s tool box that the police had missed in their first sweep along with other sentimental items. Ethan can’t simply understand why his father would commit such horrible atrocities and inflict so much pain and suffering on his victims and spends the next seven years of his teenage life in turmoil trying to figure out who he really is and if he is in danger of inheriting any of his father’s evil tendencies. On his journey of self-discovery a number of unforeseen events take place in which he has no control over as his father escapes from prison while mutilating two security guards in the process after re-wiring the entire prison system. Just as Ethan comes close to escaping his past, inches away from forging a new future with the girl of his dreams and really becoming someone, his father sends his life in to turmoil once again by sending him letters in cryptic form to let Ethan know of his next kill. Should Ethan go to the police? Or will he take the law in to his own hands and hunt down his father?

The Cage Legacy is an affecting story of a teenager’s battle to discover who he really is. Nicholas Conley expertly ratchets up the suspense until the tension is almost at breaking point in this fast paced psycho-thriller that’s really hard to put down.

My Ranking: 5 Stars

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