Inventive and clever with genuine laugh-out-loud humour! “A Fistful of Clones” By Seaton Kay-Smith


A Fistful of Clones is a comedy sci-fi novel and follows the protagonist, Henry Madison, who is 26 years old and floats through life without any real desire, direction or motivation and seems to be emotionally cut off from the very few people in his life. When he loses his job as a coupon boy and his girlfriend in the same day he makes a rash decision to sign up for medical testing, so he won’t starve to death. However, a few days after he donates his various forms of DNA he receives some disturbing news from the doctor who is unknowingly constructing Henry’s clones that seven of the clones have escaped. Dr Efflund insists that only Henry can hunt them down and kill them and manages to convince a very reluctant Henry with a large amount of money and some special combat training to terminate his doppelgängers ASAP. Henry soon discovers much to his despair that his carbon copies are running around trying to ruin his life and his original mission to stop them all in a short space of time isn’t working as the clones soon develop personalities of their own. After he hesitantly murders clone number five, his conscience gets the better of him and instead of murdering the remaining two clones, he comes up with a plan to try to save them as his own life is on the line as the doctor and his ruthless associates will stop at nothing to end all traces of the scientific experiment that went horribly wrong.

Seaton Kay-Smith has created a story that is well written, inventive and clever with genuine laugh-out-loud humour that is entirely effortless and entertaining to read. It’s almost like the disarming and friendly style in which it was written wraps you up in the story and refuses to let go. Each character, especially Henry, who is my favourite, is equally flawed, believable and realistic and complements the plot’s cause and effect beautifully.

This is a novel that will stay with me for some time and is definitely one not to be missed and I highly recommend it and look forward to reading more of the author’s work in the near future.
My Ranking: 5 Stars

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