4.5 Star Book Review: The Argent Star By Emerson Fray



The Argent Star is a YA/SF story set in the year of 2453 and is the first book in the Monarchy Series.
Ren Argent is the main female protagonist whose world is literally turned upside down when her brother, Elian discovers a hidden planet that has been lost for centuries. Instead of continuing her education to become an archaeologist and exploring the lost cities of earth, she is suddenly bound to join forces to help her estranged father who has just been appointed king by the Monarchy to rule the planet as some unexpected paperwork claims that an ancestor of theirs named the planet Novae. Ren reluctantly leaves with her father and brother to help rule Novae with a deep sense of loss as she must leave behind everything she knows to help govern a planet she knows very little about. Ren soon discovers nothing about coming to Novae was what she expected as there are a number of assassins and insurgents who are planning a rebellion to overthrow her and her family and will stop at nothing to achieve their goal. It is not long after that Ren is appointed a strong female Sotarian guide to help protect her against the uprising, however when a few unexpected series of events take place and Ren witnesses firsthand how the insurgents, rebels and even a secret society are all out to overthrow anyone governing Novae she begins to question her own loyalty as she is more convinced that the Monarchy wants to destroy Novae. Ren tries to separate the Monarchy away from Novae to avoid mass genocide and goes against everything she believes in, everything she was taught and everything she knew for the past twenty years of her life to save Novae, but will her efforts be enough strike a deal with the Monarchy and save Novae from their control?

Despite the conflicts, dangers and twists in the story the characters’ are my most favourite part of the novel as they are all uniquely flawed because they all struggle with their own issues and find a way to deal with all the changes around them. One example of this is that Ren manages to overcome her own insecurities, anxiety and fears and finally turn them to her advantage. Fray has taken a young insecure woman and made her in to a force to be reckoned with as she has to escape assassins who attempt to kill her family as well as the fight against the Monarchy she no longer trusts. Any readers that get into Frays story and characters’ will no doubt want to invest in the next set of instalments.

My Ranking: 4.5 Stars

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