A superb post apocalyptic tale of mystical elements with memorable characters’



Secrets of the White Lake
By Daniel Chong

“To be gifted with the power to shape dreams, one must also endure the prophecies.”
But is it a blessing or a curse?

Wanderer (An old Indian Sharman) had seen many visions before but this one was like no other. He witnesses towns and cities burning. That was the day the invaders came. This was the day Wanderer offered a promise that he would look after the woman’s children so the woman could go in search of her husband. He looks after the children like they were his own and after the seventh year passes Wanderer gives one of the children Miya a rare gift to see the prophecies ‘in the hope that it will act as a guide on their perilous journey home throughout a terrifying post apocalyptic world where their survival skills are tested against alpha-male trackers and bounty hunters. The children reluctantly join a team of men who are known as “Outsiders” Saul and Yuanjias take the children in under their wing to train them up and have them join their uprising. However, Miyas prophetic glimpses soon trigger off a number of unexpected events that temporarily change the course of all their paths and strongly challenge a number of age-old religious and scientific beliefs.

This is a breathtaking composed fantasy story of a brother, sister and a friend trying to make their journey home with a high number of odds against them.

Daniel Chong injects plenty of mythical elements and depicts his scenes perfectly, the characters’, and their actions makes it feel all the more real and that you are with them every step of the way. I cannot wait for the next instalment and strongly recommend this story to any reader who enjoys superior fantasy and sci-fi.

My Ranking: 5 Stars
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