5 Star Review: Jeremiah’s Codes By Paul Gilmour


Jeremiah’s Codes
By Paul Gilmour
The story blasts straight in to action in New Mexico 1945, where the world’s first kiloton plutonium atomic bomb is detonated and takes the reader on a nonstop journey up to the present day. This is a terrifying work of fiction that examines in detail the dangers of a number of corrupt government officials, international conspiracies, disastrous events in history, terrifying scientific advancements and the risk of a new world order that threatens to govern the modern world.
The main protagonist is Jon Bennett, who is retired from the CIA and is trying his best to keep off life’s grid until he is forced to flee from Australia from a relentless enemy that will stop at nothing to capture him and administer their own kind of rough justice. But who wants Jon dead so bad? As the highly intriguing plot begins to unravel piece by piece Jon tries desperately to fight for his own survival while he tries to uncover the secrets of “The Trust” who share deep links with global and government organisations that plan to take control of the world. Will Jon’s mission succeed? And if so at what cost? Or will it be too late to save humanity?
Paul Gilmour is an exceptional writer worthy of his craft as he has managed to create a story full of nail-biting anxiety with strong elements of mind bending terror that will leave the reader breathless for the sequel.
My Ranking: 5 Stars
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