4.5 Star Book Review: Dragonfly By Resa Nelson


Dragonfly is set in the medieval fantasy world and follows the life of a young woman called Greeta (Dragonfly) who lives in a small Viking village of the Shining Star people in the Great Turtle Lands. Greeta is tall, paled skinned and blonde, unlike the Shining Star people who have darker skin. All Greeta longs for is a family of her own; however her plans change when her cousin and her childhood companion talk despairingly against her. She is in turmoil as her father won’t tell her the secret about her true nature and decides that she will accept the offer of the Sharman who will show her how to walk in Dreamtime. Greeta convinces herself that this is the way she will discover the secret about her existence and to carry out her dreams of having a family, but this is where some unexpected events occur and the sudden realisation of her bad choice will haunt her forever if she can’t find a way back to her family.
Resa Nelson is a good writer worthy of her craft as she creates a world so atmospheric and perceivable that many readers will believe it really exists. Greetas plight is believable as she must learn to accept herself for who she is and I imagine a lot of readers will be able to identify with this young heroines journey.
I would highly recommend this book to all YA fantasy fans.
My Ranking: 4.5 Stars
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