5 Star Review: Home by the Sea By Shyreen Tyler



Aaron Baker is a writer who is working on a novel about a man with schizophrenia. In order for him to gain a better understanding of the long term mental disorder he willing takes residence for a week into a reputable mental institution. His main goals are to interact with the patients, to get to see how they react to their living environment and to go on and interview them to try and understand their world through their words. However, he soon discovers a mystery room in where the patients sometimes go for their treatment that he is blatantly denied access to, which eventually leaves him to speculate that the hospital has something sinister to hide. He confronts Dr. Reynolds, the director of the hospital about his concerns but it only results in hostility and the other hospital staff becoming more and more defensive when questioned about the room. Aaron collects different accounts of several patients he interviews about the mystery room only to discover their terrifying accounts of what really goes on in the room and instead of getting answers he is left with more questions. His questions eventually lead to a mind blowing secret that will alter his perception, his identity and everything he thought he knew and will change the course of his life path permanently.
Home by the Sea is a unique psychological thriller with a brilliant opening, wonderfully written with a strong emotional impact that will grab the reader from the very onset and leave them breathless, especially with its highly unpredictable ending.
My Ranking: 5 Stars
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