4 Star Review: Pilgrim By Terrence Atwood


Pilgrim is a revolutionary Interplanetary Exploration probe that will be sent to a newly discovered planet in our solar system. Its mission is to seek out extraterrestrial life. However, after a few minutes after launch Pilgrim malfunctions and crashes down to earth as several members of the military beforehand have altered the probes mission. 10 hours in to its original mission Pilgrim carries on with its tasks to explore the planet’s surface, navigating through any terrain, cutting through any obstacle that gets in its way and most importantly trying to seek out new life, while simultaneously eradicating all life forms by dissecting them, breaking them down to atoms so it can transmit the data back to earth.
Catherine Tennison who is a planetary scientist that helped design and program Pilgrim unexpectedly loses her fiancée Chad, as Pilgrim kills him in cold blood before the launch. Catherine is unaware of the militaries secretive security device that they have installed into Pilgrim and goes in pursuit of Pilgrim along with Walt Macken, to try and stop it however, the tables soon turn as they soon become the hunted.
The military can’t shut Pilgrim down; they can’t bomb it, or even get near it in its wake of mass destruction, despite their best efforts. Catherine soon teams up with the military against her better judgement to check if there is a flaw in its design, or a glitch in its programming to save the world as she knows it from Armageddon. The biggest question is will she succeed, or will it be end of humanity as we know it?
Highly recommended reading for Sci-Fi fans. This author is clearly one to watch out for in the future and I look forward to reading more of his work. I would have personally like to have seen more character development with Catherine and Walt to add more substance to their desperate plight and hope in the next instalment this small issue will be addressed.
My Ranking: 4 Stars


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