My Review: The Fisherman’s Lily By Suzanne Spiegoski

The Fisherman’s Lily is set deep in the heart of New York City. The story begins when the body of a young female Asian is discovered wrapped in an oriental rug. Detective Lily Dietz and detective John Fermont are called into investigate the gruesome murder and soon discover that the unknown victim had been tortured and died from several brutal and horrific sexual assaults. Lily also notices a distinctive beauty spot on the victim’s upper right cheek. However, before Lily can progress any further into the case she must wait patiently for the autopsy results and check the crime scene photographs. Impatient and anxious to find out what happened to the victim Lily appoints a close friend of hers, Dr Janelle Wopelle, to examine the victim’s body ASAP, only to find a number of cryptic clues in the preliminary evidence that provide a link back to Lily’s troubled past. Without further warning another young Asian female is discovered wrapped in an oriental rug by a tramp who manages to call the emergency services. However by the time the EMT arrive the young women dies. Lily notices that although the second victim shows no signs of malnutrition and that her nails are not worn down like the first victim there is however a manmade spot on the second victim’s upper right cheek and Lily is in no doubt that this is the work of the same serial-killer and it’s not long before the autopsy results find the same cause of death, both women died from internal bleeding. Victim number three is soon discovered in a children’s playground in the same fashion as the two previous victims and provides more vital clues as Lily discovers another cryptic message from the killer.
Lily convinces herself that the serial-killer who is responsible for the murder of these three young women is the man who once had raped her back in college and feels an overwhelming sense of guilt for never reporting the rape all those years ago. Lily is suspended from the case for withholding evidence and her boss orders her to go for psychiatric evaluation. Lily convinces herself that the killer will stop at nothing to capture her and will go to any extreme to fulfil his mission and becomes increasingly concerned for her high-profile brother and his family as she senses the killer closing in on them all. As the weeks turn into months and Lily’s suspension is lifted she wonders if the killer is just a figment of her imagination as everyone around her seems to doubt her claims as she has no evidence to back up her theories and senses the killer is having a cooling off period. She decides its high-time to turn the tables and goes in pursuit of the killer alone.
Will lily’s mission succeed? And if so, at what cost? Will there be anything left of her family, or the people who she cares about in this breathtaking, edge of the seat thriller?
The Fisherman’s Lily is a fast paced, exciting read and I would recommend it to anyone who likes crime fiction.
My Ranking:
4 Stars
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Amazon and Barnes and Noble


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