My Review: Mother Gaia By R.L. Baxter

Mother Gaia has come to end the reign of humanity with 10 billion humans on earth as the hearts of men have changed for the worst. It’s time to reclaim her land. Her mission is to eradicate the nuclear tower from her damaged planet. However, in order for her to meet her goal she must prepare for an unexpected battle with a mysterious and powerful cherub who claims he is god. The cherub goes on to kidnap a young girl called Maya, who Mother Gaia has just saved from a horrifying death at the hands of evil men. Maya, reminds Mother Gaia of early civilisation when man used to look after the earth and starts to grow fond of the child, even though her sole mission is to eradicate all life from her planet.
Mother Gaia summons her unbreakable sword, composed of a diamond specially moulded from her crust, a weapon she had hidden in secret and never intended to use and points it towards the distant tower of heaven where Maya has been taken and attempts to kill the fake deity who claims to be god and rescue Maya in the process.
“False god or true god – it matters not to me anymore. I shall destroy your utopia and stain my blade with your blood.”
Mother Gaia is perceived by many as a she-devil as she creates chaos throughout the once peaceful and rich city destroying like an arrow of divine justice an army of over a thousand ships and more.
Will Mother Gaia’s mission succeed? And if so, at what cost? Will there be anything left of humanity in the process?
R.L. Baxter manages to successfully combine a number of experimental, theological and religious inconsistencies that will in effect lead the reader to think and question their own ideology and philosophy. Which leads me to conclude that is an intelligent and exceptional work of fiction I will highly recommend to anyone who enjoys thought-provoking reads.
My Ranking: 5 Stars
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