My Review: Intrusion (A Relative Invasion Book 1) By Rosalind Minett
Intrusion outlines an insecure young boy’s portrayal of his day to day struggles against his cousin’s and uncles psychological and physical assaults, neglect from his parents and the upheaval of having to be moved from one strangers household to the next in the midst of a terrifying War that shows no immediate signs of ending.
R. Minett writes beautifully with a deep understanding of a troubled boy’s journey through trauma, disruption and invasion. As a reader I felt like I had been transported back into an era my grandparents once told me about and I felt very much part of the landscape through the eyes of a remarkable boy whose story gradually unfolds and grips you from the very onset. I adore Billy’s character and can’t wait to read the next instalment in anticipation as to what happens next. I am officially hooked and highly recommend this unforgettable and exceptional well written story to everyone.
My Ranking:
5 Stars
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A Highly Engaging Read!


2 thoughts on “My Review: Intrusion (A Relative Invasion Book 1) By Rosalind Minett”

  1. Great short review. Already can relate to these characters. Are there any reviews of your own writing we can take a look at.

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