My Review: Falling For Cindy Fellars By Regina Puckett

Falling For Cindy fellars

Falling For Cindy Fellars
By Regina Puckett
I managed to devour this short story in one sitting and thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it.
It all starts when the leading protagonist, Cindy Fellars is leaving her night class in a mad hurry to relieve the babysitter of her twin sisters. However her plans soon change as she stumbles upon an expensive shoe and hears signs of struggle coming from the nearby parking lot. Without further hesitation Cindy slides the safety off her Taser gun and goes in search of where the loud moans are coming from, unaware she is about to witness a brutal mugging of an innocent man. Cindy fires her Taser at one of the muggers who she manages to incapacitate, however the other mugger soon flees the scene while Cindy manages to alert the police and an ambulance crew for the unknown victim, unaware she has saved a man who will then go on to save her and change the course of her entire existence.
This is a delightful little mystery with a number of unexpected twists. The dialogue itself was easy to follow and understandable which leaves me to conclude this is written by a very competent author and a real credit to Regina Puckett.
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