Review: Survive The Day by By H.J. Lawson

Survive The Day

Survive The Day
By H.J. Lawson
This book is the second instalment in the War Kids Series and continues to follow the lives of several young people who were once trapped in the war in Syria who flee to America to start afresh. In this character driven story the reader is introduced to a number of new characters, all of which blend nicely in with the main Characters, Annabel, Jada and Ethan, who each have their own unique back story.

On Annabel’s journey to freedom and a better life she befriends another homeless guy by the name of Brandon, and confides in him about killing the tramp who tried to rape her. She also confesses that she is the key witness in the Big Red Trial and that she has escaped a witness protection program because the WBR kept finding her.

Jada is on a mission to find her father who is believed to be in a prison fifty miles away from Damascus, the lost city and that Gerard and Christian are working on plans to go there. However, along the way Jada reads a letter from her mother that is addressed to Gerard and discovers a shocking secret that will change the course of her mission.

Ethan is hell bent on avenging his father’s death with a deep hatred for Western culture.

After a year of transition in to their new lives in New York City, the City itself is soon caught up in a terrorist attack on Rikers Island, and they find themselves fleeing to escape one danger to enter yet another and soon realise that they would have been much safer in Syria, as the unknown threat continues to cause chaos and mass destruction, as people start to loot and die when one of many bridges explodes. Victoria dies as her head is crushed by a car. Jada and Annabel’s paths meet in the chaos and Jada warns Annabel and Brandon to get out of the city as fast as they can as this is only the beginning of the terrorist attacks and perhaps a decoy to an even bigger threat. Big red starts running after Annabel as he spots her with his gang in orange jump suits. The adrenaline fuelled scene when Big Red catches up with Annabel is breathtaking, yet terrifying and adds more tension and conflict to a unexpected, yet phenomenal ending.
I can honestly say I am hooked and can’t wait for the next instalment. H.J. Lawson is a genius story teller and her writing skills are exceptional beyond doubt.

My Rating:

5 stars


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