All The Pretty Dresses by Steven J. Clark

Authonomy Cover

Someone is killing beautiful young women. All are dressed in expensive evening gowns when found. Can Cass Rosier, a thirty-one-year-old single mom and the first female deputy ever hired by Nicholas County solve the mystery? The answer to the question may determine whether she succeeds or not in her unexpected appointment as the acting sheriff.
When Samantha (Sam) Martin, a highly successful New York attorney and Cass’s best friend since childhood, suddenly shows back up in Summersville fleeing a nasty divorce, Cass recruits her as a special investigator on the case.
Together Cass and Sam must deal with Sam’s abusive ex-husband, Ricky, Cass’s budding new romance with Dr. Gary Coleman, and at the same time unravel the harrowing twists, turns, and surprises they encounter as they try to solve the perplexing mystery of Nicholas County’s evening gown murders.

5 Stars – My Review

This book has it all – An exceptional ingredient of suspense, mystery, and thriller all in one go.
I’d challenge anyone to try and put this book down when you start to read the opening chapters – As I definitely couldn’t.
Cass Rosier, is a well developed character who I felt I could instantly relate to. She is strong with a good methodological approach using her analytical and critical eye in narrowing down the when and where. She has all the qualities of a real life heroin, while struggling to establish herself in a male dominated environment.
This is crime fiction at its best and I will recommend it to everyone I know as a truly addictive read.


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